Q: What time do we leave?
A: It’s up to you! I will be glad to recommend a time slot where we will have the best chances of catching your targeted species for the day. Most of the time a 7-8 am depart works well.

Q: Do you charge to clean the fish?
A: Of course not, all the fish that we can keep will be fileted and skinned and put into zip lock bags. If you wanted to have them cleaned differently just let us know and we will be glad to accommodate your needs.

Q: Where are you located?
A: The boat is located in the historic sea port downtown Key West at Conch Harbor Marina. Directly behind Dante’s Restaurant and a few steps from Half shell Raw Bar, Turtle Krawls, and Schooner Warf to name a few.

Q: Can we cook our catch?
A: Yes, once we get back to the dock and clean the fish Dante’s Pool Bar offers a great cook your catch meal. You can choose to have your fish blackened, fried, or grilled and a side per person for a very about 9 dollars per person.

Q: Is this boat all private?
A: Yes the boat is completely yours for the trip. Meaning that if there is one person or up to 6 people in your group no other person will be on the boat besides the captain and mate.

Q: Is there fuel surcharge?
A: No! The prices include all your license, bait, tackle, and fuel.

Q: Do you do any tournaments?
A: Yes, I have been in many dolphin tournaments and have fished the marlin, kingfish, and sailfish tournaments down here. Our team has taken first some and shown in most.

Q: What kind of tackle do you have?
A: I run mostly shimano products. All up to date, most a year old. And in excellent condition. I change line multiple times a year.

Q: Is parking available?
A: Yes there is a parking garage directly in front of Dantes pool bar. On the Corner of Grinnell and Caroline street. Parking is 10 dollars for all day. If you are staying down town it should be a 5 min walk though!

Q: Can I sell my fish?
A: No! Selling fish is illegal.

Q: Can you sell fish we don’t want?
A: No! Even if I did have all the permits and license it is still illegal to sell fish that are caught on a for hire vessel or charter boat.

Q: What happens if it’s windy the day we book?
A: If the weather goes bad we can try to move to another day. Most of the time the weather turns around after a day or so. If the weather stays bad or you cannot make another date then there is no charge and hopefully try again next time you are in town!

Q: What fish are around when I come down?
A: It all depends on when you come. I can tell you what was around last year at that certain time of year, however the fish don’t have exact dates they come. Snapper and grouper are usually around all year. Dolphin are the same but peak in May and June. Sailfish is usually best in March and April. Its best to call and I can give you a report on whats happening!

Q: Can you guarantee fish?
A: Unfortunately no. I can guarantee that we will be working the right area and using the right technique to get your targeted species. A good way to look at this is, no one wants to catch fish more than your guide or captain!

Q: Can I drink on the boat?
A: As long as you are of age you can bring anything you want to drink as long as its legal!

Q: How far do we have to travel to start fishing?
A: It depends on what we are fishing for! Offshore species can be caught 7 to 20 miles from Key West. Snappers and groupers can be caught with in a 1 mile. Tarpon can be caught in less than a mile.

Q: What happens if someone gets sea sick?
A: I will try to accommodate you as much as possible. If I can go to a calmer spot I will if you want. It might change the targeted species but at least you can enjoy being on the water without feeling ill the rest of the trip!

Q: I have never fished are you going to yell at me if I mess up?
A: This one gets me laughing every time! Of course not! Many people that have never fished end up landing more fish than clients that fish a bunch. If we lose a fish we just keep on fishing and try to land a bigger one!

Q: Do you take credit card?
A: Yes, I accept cash or credit.

Q: How do I book a date(s)?
A: Call me, Capt. Eric 305-731-5459 if I don’t answer I am most likely on the water. Leave a message or a text and I will get back to you the same day. All I need is the date(s) you want to fish, the specie(s) you want to fish for, your name, how many guests, phone number, and credit card. The credit card will NOT BE CHARGED unless you do not show up the day of the trip. If that happens a 200 Dollar charge will be occurred. If there is an emergency or some other problem I understand just call me as soon as possible!

Q: I am coming down and want to do multiple trips including the flats can you recommend someone?
A: Yes, I have a 16′ maverick for flats (2 ppl max) and a 20 ‘ hewes that runs back country trips up to (3PPl) each one of those boats has a full time guide that specialize in these kind of trips.