It has been a while since my last report. The year started well with a tuna run that reminded me of 10 years ago. The blackfin tuna were everywhere!  Now that we are in April, we have seen lots of sails, more tunas, and the occasional Mahi have been showing up!  On windy days we stay close by. The channels off Key West and Boca grand hold a mass of different fish species. Snappers, groupers, Cobia, shark, and barracuda.

The new federal gulf permit has been making smiles happen.  These trips have been keeping rods bent. Action, action, action.  There is something special about going out and fishing the shrimp boats. If you have fished in the keys and haven’t done this trip it is something that should be on the bucket list.  Using live bait, flies, and top water lures the bites are consistent and explosive.   Big snappers off the rigs, Goliath groupers, Cobia, sharks, Bonita, tuna, amberjacks, groupers, and African pompano are several of the species that we have encountered regularly.

May is around the corner so grouper season 2024 is about to open!  Now with open access in the gulf and Atlantic we can explore lots more ground and spots that haven’t been fished a lot.

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Tight Lines,

Capt. Eric Evans
[email protected]