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February is still Great Fishing!

We have been lucky this month to be out almost every day chartering.  The Atlantic had still been producing a solid blackfin tuna bite with the occasional mahi and sailfish bite.  On days that we [...]

Winds Back to Normal

The winds are back to normal and we are seeing 10-15 MPH again!  The first part of February was a struggle with another cold front pushing the Gulf Stream out.  Luckily, those days we opted [...]

Blackfin and Snapper

We have been beaten by the wind gifs down here in the Florida Keys! With wind averaging 20 knots this month it has put us in a tight spot. Should we stay or should we [...]

Groupers and Muttons!

We have been on the bite when it comes to the red grouper and mutton snapper! The season is about to close for red grouper here in Key West, but the mutton snapper is still [...]

Winter Winds Peak Fishing

The wind has been wreaking havoc on us down here in South Florida this past week. With only a couple of days to sneak out, we have found some fish off the wrecks near Key [...]

Good Fishing Offshore

It looks like we are going to have an exciting year if this keeps up! Have had a wonderful offshore bite! The blue water is close - 8 miles offshore. We are catching dolphin (mahi-mahi), [...]

October was Good Fishing

We had some good days fishing in October with some mahi-mahi, tuna, and sailfish caught offshore.  Closer to shore, the snapper bite has been very good on the reef! With all these cold fronts pushing [...]

Getting Back to Fishing

The end of July and into August fishing was good! Then, as you all know, hurricane Irma hit the keys!  Key West was very fortunate to have been spared from the worst damage, but the [...]

Hot in July!

July has been hot!  Temperatures have been up and the fishing has been good here in Key West.  The wrecks offshore of Key West have been producing amberjacks, yelloweye snapper, vermilion snapper, mutton snapper, and [...]

June Another Strong Month

June has been as good as May so far!  Many schools of dolphin or "Mahi-Mahi" are still around and we are getting the occasional tuna and sailfish bite. Way offshore, Key West boats have been [...]

May was Great Fishing!

May had been great fishing!  I have been busy with many clients that come every year and also have gotten to meet some new anglers as well.  So far, the dolphin (mahi-mahi) fishing is living [...]

April was Good, May is Better!!

So far May has been great! The dolphin (mahi-mahi) are still around and we are also seeing blackfin tuna again. The chatter on the docks is that people are getting shots and catching some more [...]

April was Great Fishing!

April has been great fishing. The blackfin tuna bite has slowed down, but the mahi bite heated up! We have been getting nice weed lines offshore which is a great sign. Last year we didn't [...]

Awesome April Fishing

April is off to a great start! The last couple of trips have proven that the fishing is getting good. In total of last 4 trips we have gone 3 for 5 on sailfish, 6 [...]

The Winds are Back

The winds are back!!! Unfortunately, it has been a couple of weeks of bad weather squeeezing in trips when we can. The good news is the weather has started to improve again. The offshore fishing [...]

Action on the Reefs

The wind has slowed down finally!  We have been getting out a bunch and hitting the wrecks offshore for some big amberjacks and vermilion snappers.  On the reef, the yellowtail snapper bite is red hot [...]

Snappers on the Wrecks

The offshore bite is staying steady with blackfin tuna running most active towards sunset!  The wrecks have been good as well with amberjacks, yellow-eye snapper, American reds and vermilion snappers being most of what we [...]

Blackfin and Sails

The blackfin tuna are still around and the sails and wahoo are pushing through as well.   On the reef, the mackerel bite is very good, as well and the snappers.  Shark fishing in the backcountry [...]