Back Country Fishing

//Back Country Fishing

Back Country Fishing

The early day started with fog and lots of it! As we safely made our way to the fishing grounds we couldn’t help ourselves to have a feeling we would get a shark. After catching a mutton snapper and some more yellowtail snappers reef fishing we moved into the back country. Fish after fish ranging from jacks, grey snappers, mackerels, and the last fish was a nice size black tip shark! lots of action on this half day

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Growing up, I always looked forward to all water activities - whether it was swimming, scuba diving or fishing. I visited Key West and was mesmerized by the warm weather, laid-back lifestyle and the beautiful waters - where the ocean meets the gulf. I packed-up my things and moved to the southernmost city. At first, I held multiple jobs got on the water as often as I could. I was fortunate to have some local watermen take me under their wings and show me the art and science of offshore fishing. I quickly progressed from deck hand, to mate, to captain. It was a great experience and I still help them out to this day. Nowadays, I still love fishing and spend most of my free time fishing. I will go out and try different techniques or try to find new spots. In the slower season, I spend much of my time under the water studying the fish behavior and how they are affected with the tides and moon phase. As I progress as a captain and angler, I always try to push myself into more challenging situations.
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