Grouper season started May 1st! The buzz of excitement has hit the dock and everyone is rigging up to go get bent. The Florida Keys especially Key West has phenomenal bottom fishing areas. From the channels to the deep patches groupers hang everywhere. I personally like to fish shallow or very deep for red and black grouper. As everyone is excited about grouper season 2023. I am even more excited about the open of tilefish. These deep dwelling beasts are in my top 3 best tasting. I have found that even though electric reels are easier using a big spinner yields better quality. This can be tough as we usually are fishing from 500 feet to 1100 feet deep. The reward is worth it! Offshore we have been hearing of a lot of swordfish and Mahi around. Bottom line these are the months to do very well if a couple dinners are in mind. We have 10 days open in May so give us a call early if you are venturing down to the southern most fishing grounds!





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Capt. Eric Evans
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