What a crazy start to the new year. We have been very busy with lots of people coming down and getting some much-deserved fun in the sun!

Like most of my reports I have good news and bad news. The offshore bite started out so strong I could not believe it! We had wahoo a very early tuna bite and mahi around. It felt like fishing in April with every day having one or two different pelagics species being caught. The bad news is the offshore bite has been a struggle the last month. Putting our time in we have had some very successful catches of big wahoo and sail fish. In most cases we have had to change up gears and hit some bottom spots to produce some good quality eating fish.

All is not lost, I am certain this cold spell will warm up for the entire key west fleet. April is around the corner which is usually very good for sailfish, tuna, and wahoo. Then May and June should bring the mahi madness we all love and wait for.

On the brighter side we have been successful finding the dinner and more. Having difficult times makes our jobs as guides stressful but also makes us adapt and grow as anglers. The tough bite made us find new and better bottom numbers. We have had great success finding vermilion snappers in the 3-5 lb. range. Mutton snappers, yellowtails and greys which all make good table fare. I could not count how many big groupers we have caught and released so this in particular makes me very excited about May 1 the start of grouper season.

I hope to report a very positive report in the next couple of months! But as always, we adapt and overcome tougher days with finding fish and making good memories!

April May and June dates have been filling up give me a call or shoot me a text for any question you may have.

Looking forward to fishing with you.

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Tight Lines,

Capt. Eric Evans
[email protected]