We managed to sneak out and get a couple offshore trips in, for the most part we had to hide on the lee of the island and go after mutton’s, groupers, and yellowtails.

The days we spent offshore produced some nice fish. We had mahi, tuna, and sailfish being reeled in. Best part about wintertime is the bite is a lot closer to the reef so we don’t have to venture the typical 15-25 miles south to find the blue water. Most fish during the wintertime are found between 130-350 feet of water. That is boy 7-10 miles from Key West.

On the days it was blowing, and a decision was made not to get beat up offshore we had plenty of nonstop action on the patches. Lots of fish we picked through to end up with nice quantity of keepers. Bait seemed to be everywhere and after securing lunch or dinner for the groups we started targeting barracudas, kings, Spanish, cero, and sharks to get a nice fight for our guests onboard. Overall, we had a good November and are looking forward to a calmer December!

Grouper season will be closing Dec 31, so this is the last month to target blacks, reds, and gags in the Atlantic. So, if you want your grouper this is your last chance till May 1 2022!

I’m looking forward to fishing with you. Call me now.

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