The southernmost city is still warmer than most places in the US right now. Even after our little cold front moved through. Temps have still been in the mid to high 80’s. What has changed dramatically is the fish are moving in shallower. Winter time can give us many options. As fronts move through we see more wind than the summer months. The good news is with the cold fronts typically blowing from the North we have the opportunity to get in the lee of the many uninhabited keys that continue on towards the west. With a gusty day we can still have great fishing and be in light chop! The last couple of trips have already showed a promising start. We have had big lane snappers, yellowtails, mutton’s, and groupers eagerly attacking our baits. The action has been more consistent with bites and the wait time to get bites has dropped expediently. I like to fish these patches differently than summer deeper ledges. Each spot I like to give 15-20 minutes instead of 30-45 minutes during the summer. As it’s shallower we don’t need the fish to come as far up the water column to make sense of it.

I have already been getting the calls for offshore. The cold snaps work in our favor here as well. The Blackfin Tuna will be coming shallower as well. Typically, summertime when we find tuna they are anywhere from 600-2000 feet of water. In the winter we can expect to see them in depths of 80-300 feet. Making it a shorter run out and only 1-3 miles past the reef. Other species end up coming in closer as well. Last year we had a epic wahoo bite and a good sailfish run. All three of these pelagic fish will be in the same area and can be targeted simultaneously.

If fishing isn’t your thing. We offer sunset cruises and sand bar trips to enjoy the peace and tranquility of getting off the Rock! The last 16 months we have had a ton of inquiries about this and it seems to be a hit. Less crowds, cold drinks, and a different way to enjoy Key West. What could be better?

Looking forward to fishing with you.

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Tight Lines,

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