It has been calm this last week. Every angler waits for days like these. No white knuckling, bumps, spray, just a wide-open throttle to get to the fishing grounds. As always, the bad that comes along with the good. With no wind it does get a bit steamy here in Key West. Being on the water actually makes it a bit cooler than being on land!

We have been seeing 50-90 foot of visibility on the Atlantic side and 15-20 foot of visibility on the gulf side. Good vis and good current haven’t affected the bite in a negative way. The snappers have been popping with some really nice flag yellowtails in the deeper part of the bars and reefs. The occasional mutton and gray snapper are being pulled up from the mid column as well.

Offshore has been hit and miss one day tunas are popping the other mahi. But 80 percent of the time finding a floater or birds has been the key to success.

With the newer regulations we have had blue line tiles and snowy groupers close again for the season until May 1. So deep dropping other than sword fishing is pretty much done till May.

Labor Day saw business pick back up and we only have 2 days open till the 14th so if you are coming down, your best bet is to book your fishing trip now!

Looking forward to fishing with you.

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Tight Lines,

Capt. Eric Evans
[email protected]