The bait has finally showed up on the reef. The last couple of trips it has been like a NatGo wild-life show. Ballyhoo scattering in hundreds with Cero Mackerel skying up from the deep. Sailfish, Bonita, and Blackfin Tuna crushing bait from all sides. As a guide this never gets old to see and makes for a great day of fishing. On the last twenty trips we’ve been focused on offshore. Producing mahi, sailfish, tuna, and wahoo. The mahi bite has been on and off depending on wind and temperature conditions. For January we will happily take the occasional mahi surprise!

For people that like to have more hands-on fun we get plenty of action on the reef and patches. Yellowtail snapper and Mutton Snapper have moved in shallower and makes great table fare. We have been casting jigs at Kings, Ceros, and Barracudas. Fishing the bottom, mid column, and top water keeps for a busy trip. We are expecting to see all these conditions for the next couple of months.

March and April starts the Tarpon rush. For smaller groups of 3 or less we offer our 22′ Pathfinder for Tarpon Trips It is a great way to get on the migrating fish with ease and precision. For bigger groups the 31′ Yellowfin still works just fine!

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Tight Lines,

Capt. Eric Evans
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